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Women of Impact

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead

We are building a team of women committed to making a difference locally for the 11,000+ individuals in NW DuPage County served by our pantries each year.  Our goal is to build our group to 100 or more area women with a passion for feeding our local neighbors in need!

The commitment is to fund at least one project per year ($100 per project) and to recruit one new member to each meeting.  Members will be presented with 2 - 3 projects per year in total (projects could be funding food for our pantries or small capital needs like shelving and refrigerators).

To join our membership, contact Heather@NeighborhoodFP.org or make your donation here:

*Lilly Aguilar, President/Owner, Solutions Cleaning Services
*Beth Baskiewicz
*Irma Bates, Co-Owner & Vice President, Montenegro, Inc.
Lori Belha
*Kathie Bender
*Carol Bergmann
*Jan Breyne
, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Neighborhood Food Pantries
*Kim Brondyke
*Deb Cartwright
*Pam Conn
, Owner, Joe Cotton Ford
*Kelly Cummings, Illinois Tool Works

*Tammy Durante, eSBe Designs
*Heather Eberle
Kelly Ercoli
*Antonette Favia
*Melissa Ferguson
, Alderman, City of West Chicago

Karma Forrestal

*Samantha Frangella, State Farm Insurance

*Rebecca Giannelli

*Barb Goetzke

*Sue Hallen, IP Management Solutions Manager, IBM

*Kathy Hummel

*Miriam Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce

*Leeandra Jaeger

*Julia Jones, Northern Illinois Food Bank

*Heather Kash, Development Director, Neighborhood Food Pantries

*Pam Lansford, Secretary, Board of Directors, Neighborhood Food Pantries

*Mary Beth Larson, Chief Financial Officer, Cornerstone Food Service Group

Cynthia Laughlin

Sharon Lilek

*Karen Lombardo

*Carroll Madison

*Maria Malachowski, Board of Directors, Neighborhood Food Pantries

*Marina Mattingly, Owner, Restoration Coalition

*Jennifer Mensching
*Aida Modugno

*Laura Needs, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Martha Neville, Board of Directors, Neighborhood Food Pantries

*Carla Parch

Tamra Perto

*Carol Platt, Site Coordinator, Lutheran Church of the Master, Neighborhood Food Pantries

Sue Robinson, Teacher, St. Isidore School

*Christine Ruffino, Dynamic Professional Women's Network

Alison Thomson

Pat Von Laven

*Kimberly Walker

*Joan Wanat

Susan Westgate, Library Director, Carol Stream Public Library

*Margaret Wiermanski

*Michele Zygmunt

Anonymous members x1

* indicates Inaugural Members as of May 14, 2019

Projects funded by this group:

  • Food purchases for the month of June, 2019 (when donations to our pantries typically slow down) for all pantries

  • Milk purchases for families with children for the month of October, 2019 for all our pantries

  • Raised $9,400 for food purchases in the Spring of 2020, including
    $5,200 donated by members and a donation matched from four local Rotary
    Clubs (Carol Stream, West Chicago, Villa Park and Lombard at $1,000 each).

  • Raised another $9,500 in the Spring of 2021, again partnering with
    the same Rotary Clubs for a donation match

Upcoming Events & Volunteer Opportunities:
Stay tuned!