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Fundraise for our Pantries

This year brought out the dedication and generosity of our supporters in so many ways. In addition to collection drives, individual donations, and volunteering, you found creative ways to fundraise to help feed local families.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Check out the examples below for some creative ways people have raised funds on their own.  Have an idea you want to share with us? 



Networking Event


Our supporters have used Facebook to raise THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for our pantries in support of our mission. Whether donating a birthday, or honoring another occasion, Facebook fundraisers are a great way to help feed local families!


Interested in creating a fundraiser or our pantries? Contact to learn more! 


Michelle Tran and her son Ethan Ho created an Etsy store of handmade masks, with all sales benefitting Neighborhood Food Pantries. Choices included DESIGNER styles (handmade from Authentic Designer Handbag Dust Bags) and Breathable Fashion Cotton and Cotton Blend Fabrics, such as their Chicago collection, holiday styles as well as traditional solid color masks.  In total they raised more than $3,500 to feed their neighbors!


When the 2020 Big Sur International Marathon was cancelled, Chuck King didn’t want all his training to go to waste, so he changed his focus. Although he had never fundraised before, he set a goal of $2,620, representing the 26.2 miles of the marathon.  He mapped out his route locally, and ran a full marathon along local streets.  In total, Chuck exceeded his goal and raised more than $2,700 in support of local families!


Brandon Macias took up Edward Jones “Creative Cuts” challenge, raising $820 from friends and family to support our pantries.  Two months into lockdown, he agreed to have his wife, or possible his 4-year-old son, cut his hair.  The resulting haircut would depend on how much was raised.  Had he reached $10,000 he would have rocked a “George Costanza” ‘do for a week!


Christie Ruffino, Founder and President of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, has been selling items on Facebook Marketplace with proceeds benefitting Neighborhood Food Pantries.  Over the past several years she has sold tables, shelving, rugs and more (most are brand new items returned to local stores), raising tens of thousands of dollars over the past several years to help fill our pantry shelves! Learn more or see what’s available.

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