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More than 72,580 people in DuPage County don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Many are ‘on the bubble,’ having to choose between paying the rent or feeding their families. Often we fill a one-time need for a family – allowing them to fix a car or cover unexpected medical expenses and still put food on the table.

Our pantries are located in some of DuPage County's neediest areas, providing local resources to these families in their neighborhood, close to where they live.


Map colors indicate poverty by Census Tract.

Since 1999 we have collaborated with local churches, businesses, and community groups to serve local families, coming together as a community to provide services to our neighbors close to home.


More than 20 years later that vision continues to grow. Working with area churches, Local businesses and organizations, food recovery partners and food collection partners we are able to provide fresh food and produce to our guests at our pantries throughout DuPage county.

Thank you to all who support our mission, allowing us to provide more than 2,500,000 million meals this year to more than 10,500 people annually in our area who visit our pantries more than 25,000 times per year.

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