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Volunteering Group


Our Values

Food Security




Our Mission

To improve the health and well-being of our neighbors by providing reliable access to nutritious food in welcoming environments through the generosity of volunteers, individuals and community partnerships.

Our Vision

  • Provide interruption-free service to our guests in the areas we cover, maintaining staff, volunteers and facilities with resources and support required to serve our guests generously and with dignity

  • Grow community partnerships with a large number of local businesses and organizations, providing financial support, volunteers and awareness to accomplish our mission

  • Expand our network of partner churches, and increase their active engagement with their neighborhood pantries, providing financial support, volunteers and other resources, and directly interacting with our guests

  • Facilitate guest self-sufficiency through special on-site events and a network of agency referrals for education on nutrition, employment, and other life skills

  • Increase the recovery, purchase, and distribution of primarily nutritious food items

  • Attain recognition in our service area as a thriving not-for-profit organization with a developed and efficient structure having a greater impact in our neighborhood.

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