Hold a Paper Plate Campaign


Get your school, business or organization involved in the fight against hunger!  Everyone brings in a donation* and shows their support in one of the ways you choose.



"When I Get Hungry" (pictured):

Put yourself in the place of our hungry neighbors.  Ask your group (customers, students, coworkers or others) to share how they feel when they get hungry.

Plates can be hung on a common wall as pictured, displayed on their office / cubicle /desk, or on walls throughout your building (by classroom, department, or other grouping)



"Add your name" to support our neighbors in need:
A simpler version, print our signage and ask your customers, coworkers of students to sign their name on a small (dessert / appetizer sized) paper plate to be hung in a prominent location


* Monetary donations made payable to Neighborhood Food Pantries are the simplest, but non-perishable good or paper products are always welcome!

Other ideas:

- Encourage everyone to wear orange for hunger action on a day of your choosing

- Offer an incentive such as a casual day, jeans day, or 'flip flop Friday' as a bonus to those who participate

Sample documents:

"When I Get Hungry" Signage

"Add Your Name" signage with 1 in 5 IL children are hungry

"Add Your Name" signage with 65,500 people in DuPage are food insecure

Sample eMail - school campaign



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